Upload your artwork to Madison Top and we will work with you to make your event a success. With custom t-shirts, embroidered polos, custom promotional products, company logo pens, signature housewares and other custom giveaways you’ll make a smashing first impression and reignite brand awareness every time that promotional product is used.


Acceptable Art Formats:

Vector Formats (Preferred):
CorelDraw, Version X4 or lower
– Save as an EPS, CDR or PDF file
– Convert text to curves

Adobe Illustrator, Version 10 or lower
– Save as an EPS, AI or PDF file
– Create outlines for all text

Raster or Bitmap Formats (for very detailed art and/or photos):
Adobe Photoshop, Version 8 (CS) or lower
– Create at a minimum of 200dpi
– Save as a TIF, PSD
– Rasterize all text

JPEGS & Word documents are generally NOT acceptable artwork formats. Generic TIF or BMP files can be accepted if they are at 200 dpi or higher, and at desired physical size or larger.

If your art does not comply with these specifications, please submit what is available. We will make every attempt to convert your artwork to one of these formats. If we are unable to produce your order from submitted artwork, we will contact you and offer

Upload Artwork